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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our company has experienced crews for residential garage door services

Perhaps you'll be interested to read the testimonials of our current clients here below

Our company has experienced crews for residential garage door services

Fast response for opener adjustment

I pressed the wall button to close the overhead garage door and noticed that it wouldn't close all the way. I didn't know what was wrong with it and called Garage Door Repair Roseville. The technician was in my house within the next hour. He actually had to make some adjustments in the opener unit so that door would close well. I liked that he also checked the other garage door parts. He didn't do anything in particular; he just took a look. This was enough for me to understand that this man was doing his job very professionally.

Early morning opener sensors replacement

We were ready to start our day. You know the usual stuff like driving the kids to school and then straight to work. This day our schedule kind of changed. I was putting some stuff in the trunk when I noticed that the kids were playing with the clicker when suddenly the door didn't seem to reverse although my daughter was standing underneath. There was something wrong with the sensors and thankfully the tech at Garage Door Repair Roseville fixed it very shortly. Thanks to the immediate intervention of this garage door company, my day carried on without me needing to be preoccupied about our safety.

Garage door noises simply vanished

I had read once that garage door noises are not always innocent and the first loud sound I heard coming from our overhead door led me straight to Garage Door Repair Roseville. It turned out to be a slight problem. Parts needed lubrication maintenance and this was done immediately. Though, two things got my attention with this company's tech. First, he arrived shortly after I called. Second, when he realized that only the garage door parts needed lubrication, he didn't stop there. He went ahead and checked the other parts of the door and made sure all fasteners were tightened. Great job!

The best garage door service

I have many solid reasons for trusting Garage Door Repair Roseville all these years. The main one is that their care is faultless and I never experience garage door problems after using their services. They restore my door to perfect condition. In the very few instances that I needed their assistance fast, the techs arrived to my house shortly after. I appreciate these things. They are always on time and are skilled experts for managing all garage related issues. Thanks to their terrific work and fast service, I feel safe and confident in their care. They're simply the best for all garage door repair services and I recommend them strongly!

My Go-to Guys for Garage Door Maintenance

Kelsey J. Shanklin

“I have an old vintage garage door that had been making squeaky noises when it opens or closes. My heart was heavy because I thought, I have to buy another garage door. Then a friend of mine told me about this great garage door company. I gave them a call and booked an appointment with them. They sent a technician down to my house to see what the problem was. Luckily for me it just needed some grease and nothing more. I was elated and the fee was minimal too. This garage door company could have charged me more but they did not.”

Fast replacement service

David S. Poe

“A drunk driver who lived around the neighborhood accidentally backed up a bit too much into our driveway, and rammed into our garage door. A lot of my family's possessions are stored in the garage, so I needed a replacement ASAP. I did a bit of Googling and found your company. Booking an appointment with a professional was easy, and after a quick assessment, he came back later that afternoon ready to install brand new panels and new and matching garage door tracks. The replacement was quick, but he made sure to test the door several times and I really appreciated it. Thanks! I’ll keep your number close!” 

Our garage door repair testimonial

Our garage door started making strange noises so I called this local company and their expert quickly found the problem. He replaced the opener with a new model I chose on the spot. These guys are real professionals and gave us an amazing service!

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