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Common Garage Door Opener Malfunctions

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Common Garage Door Opener Malfunctions

Common Garage Door Opener Malfunctions | Garage Door Repair Roseville, CA

Nobody wants to wake up for work one morning only to realize their garage door won’t open. The situation can be annoying as you won’t necessarily be aware of what’s causing the problem in the first place. Here are some of the most common garage door opener malfunctions and their culprits.

  • The Batteries

The first approach in your mechanism troubleshooting should always include replacing the batteries with a fresh set. I’m sure you wouldn’t be very happy if a specialist came to your door only to discover the batteries in your remote are dead. Remember to always use batteries of the same brand and to change the entire set.

  • The Motor

In case your opener doesn’t work with a new set of batteries, it’s time to perform some manual testing. Try lifting the door by hand. If the door opens easily and smoothly, there is a high likelihood of your motor being faulty. Before you start panicking about the costs, remember that motor issues sometimes only require smaller adjustments to get the opener up and running.

  • Metal Contraction

The most frequent issue with garage door openers during winter is metal contraction. The movement of your mechanism may cease to work after a rapid freeze due to the tightening of the interlocked components. To prevent this from happening or to at least alleviate structural damage, make sure to lubricate according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to mitigate the increased friction.

  • The Chain

The opener might make louder noises over time. If you can hear obnoxious squeaking sounds as the opener lifts and lowers the door, it might be time for a replacement of your unit. Leaving this issue unresolved will give you no time to prepare once the opener malfunctions.

  • Sensory Beams Obstruction

If your door stops halfway through and reverses, the problem may lie in a simple obstruction in front of the sensory beams. These devices will be located approximately six inches above ground on each side of the door track. Clean the dust from the sensors and make sure there is nothing in their way.

If the mechanism remains faulty, call us to inspect the safety reversing mechanism. Contact our company in Roseville for an affordable and high-quality safety mechanism testing service.


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